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Égypte/Monde arabe is a social sciences review published in Cairo by the CEDEJ, and is aimed at professional researchers and non-researchers keen on understanding the tensions and changes affecting the contemporary Arab and Muslim world, and particularly Egypt. Each of the journal’s issues is devoted to a defined theme. Following its creation in 1990, the journal was co-edited with Complexe for the duration of its second series, 1999-2003. It is now edited solely by the CEDEJ. All the issues are immediately online in open access.

Latest issue
15 | 2017
Migrations vues d'Égypte - mobilisations et politiques

Migrations seen from Egypt - Mobilizations and Politics
Edited by Pauline Brücker
Egypte/Monde arabe n°15, 2017
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Credits : Clémence Curty

This special edition analyzes the "migration issue" in Egypt and its current dynamics in the context of unprecedented mobility. The question is related to the ongoing regional conflicts that erupted after the popular movements of 2011. As a country located at the crossroads of migratory trajectories and marked by the rise of new routes, Egypt asserts its importance on the migration scene through a state policy that seeks to exploit this strategic position. Ambivalent actions towards refugees and asylum-seekers and growing support for a State-led legal emigration policy underscore the ambivalences of the Egyptian state regarding migrations. The commitment of collective and associative actors to both denouncing and filling in the gaps left by state’s inaction illustrates a multifaceted governance of mobility in Egypt.

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